Fuji Technical Documents

Many Fuji documents are available at the Fujifilm USA film support page. These documents are much harder to find on Fujifilm’s global site, but they should be there somewhere. Fujifilm USA lists ‘current’ products.

For a direct link to Fuji Japan’s pages, try the following links. You can always run them through Google Translate or something similar. The link that has ‘JAN’ in it’s description is the price list and shows specifics about films and formats currently on the books.

Product Availability


Fuji announced that Acros 100 would be discontinued. Stocks are expected to last until sometime around October, 2018.


It looks as if Provia 400X and Neopan 400 have been discontinued. I didn’t use much of it, but Provia 400X was a pretty amazing film. See this announcement from Freestyle Photo, originally on Twitter.


Velvia 100F has been discontinued in 35mm, 120, and 4x5 formats. Velvia 50 has been discontinued in 4x5 and 8x10 formats. (BJP story)


There were some lines discontinued, but it appears to be all packaging changes - no films were lost. (announcement - in Japanese)


Astia 100F in 35mm appears to have been discontinued, but is still listed in 120/220. Neopan 1600 has also been cut. (announcement - in Japanese)


Fuji Sensia in all speeds was discontinued in August 2010.


It is somewhat unclear if several of the Fuji Professional lines have been discontinued. Only 400H is listed on the Fuji USA color negative page. The films rumored to have been cut in early 2010 are 160S 160C, 800Z, and T64. Some press releases where posted on BJP, but it is unclear if this was just for the British market or worldwide. 160S may live on with a name change. Some information was also posted at Japan Exposures. Lastly, if you read Japanese, Fuji Japan has a listing posted. Take the availability on the chart below with a grain of salt.


Black and White film

Name Code ISO pdf Date
Neopan Acros 100 (120) --- 100 AF3-083E 07/2002
Neopan Acros 100 100 ACROS 100 AF3-095E ---
Neopan 400 400PR 400 AF3-706E ---
Neopan 1600 1600PR 1600 AF3-608E (N) ---

C-41 film

Name Code ISO pdf Date
Superia 200 CA 200 AF3-008E 03/2008
Superia X-tra 400 CH 400 AF3-151E 03/2008
Pro 400H PRO400H 400 AF3-176E 03/2008
Superia X-tra 800 CZ 800 AF3-068E 03/2008
Superia 100 CN 100 AF3-007E 03/2008
Superia Reala CS
100 AF3-967E ---
Pro 160 S PRO160S 160 AF3-174E 03/2008
Pro 160 C PRO160C 160 AF3-175E 03/2008
Pro 160 S PRO160S 160 AF3-203U 10/2004
Pro 160 C PRO160C 160 AF3-204U 10/2004
True Definition 400 CH
400 AF3-196E ---
NPZ 800 NPZ800 800 AF3-100E ---
Pro 800Z PRO800Z 800 AF3-177E 03/2008
Superia 1600 CU
1600 AF3-145E ---

E-6 film

Name Code ISO pdf Date
Velvia 50 RVP50 50 AF3-0221E2 04/2008
Velvia 50 RVP50 50 AF3-203U 08/2007
Provia 100F RDPIII 100 AF3-036E 03/2008
Velvia 100 RVP100 100 AF3-202E 03/2008
64T Type II RTPII 64 AF3-024E ---
T64 RTP 64 AF3-178E 03/2008
Sensia 100 RA 100 AF3-091E 03/2008
Velvia 100F RVP100F 100 AF3-148E 03/2008
Astia 100F RAP100F 100 AF3-149E 03/2008
Sensia 200 RM 200 AF3-080E 03/2008
Provia 400X RXP 400 AF3-0213E 10/2007
Provia 400F RHPIII 400 AF3-066E ---
Sensia 400 RH 400 AF3-091E 03/2008