Saturday, May 26 2018

The end of the Leica M7

So the Leica M7 has been officially discontinued. This is notable to me because it is my preferred camera. I also have an M6, which is a wonderful camera, but the M71 is just the best in my mind. All of the feature of the M6, plus auto exposure when you want it. I guess this means I should get my one M7 repaired soon.

The M7 is not the pinnacle of the film camera in my mind, just my favorite. The Canon EOS-1V is probably the pinnacle. Quite an amazing camera. I particularly liked the options to leave the film leader out upon rewind and the film roll identification printed at the start of the roll. I bet the Nikon F6 was as nice or better, but I never had a chance to use one. It’s all academic to me though; the M system was always more enjoyable for me to use due to it’s size and focusing mechanism.

  1. Particularly the 0.58x finder magnification version.

Thursday, May 17 2018

Sunday, May 13 2018

C reactor

C reactor

C reactor as seen from B reactor at the Hanford site.

Saturday, May 12 2018

Sunday, April 29 2018