This site is written in HTML5. It’s been tested in Safari (including iPhone), Firefox, and elinks. It should render nicely in any browser capable of rendering HTML5. It should also degrade nicely in other browsers, though some of the styling may be harmed.

The website uses nanoc to generate static HTML files for serving. The theme is a slightly tweaked version of the Octopress theme. Search results are provided by a bit of javascript and swish-e.

I trialed both Google AJAX Search API and Xapian/Omega, but decided swish-e was better for me. The Google search didn’t index the many pdfs on this site fully, and Xapian/Omega has poor spidering capabilities. A few years later, swish-e gave up the ghost and I moved back to a combination of Xapian/Omega for the hardcore search, and just a link to Google for the lightweight stuff.

Originally, this site was served from static pages that were generated with a custom script written in Python (pyopyo). Someday I might eventually finish it off and go back to it. The only major functionality it was missing was dealing with blog-like posts sensibly.