Internet presence

Been a long time since I’ve posted. What can I say, work has been very, very busy.

About four years ago, I outfitted this site to interact with It took some work, but ultimately never found a community there. While I really admired the concept of hosting everything yourself and owning all your data, it ended up not be an engaging for me. Nothing wrong with it, just didn’t keep my interest. My posts are archived on this site and at

The whole twitter thing has generated lots of discussion. While I still have an account, I am no longer active there. I’m only keeping tabs on some artists who I follow who are not posting elsewhere. Hopefully they move. I don’t plan on deactivating the account as I’d rather prevent someone from scooping up my admittedly worthless name.

The twitter stuff got me thinking that, while I was never a prolific poster, I barely posted at all over the last 4–5 years. Unless you are big and have a following, what was the point other than publicly tweeting friends, whom I mostly communicate now through a private Discord server. Social media has mostly become about consumption, and not discussion or sharing. That is unfortunate.

Mastodon has problems, sure, but it feels more like the older internet. I hope they sort out the problems. For now I am enjoying not being part of yet some other company’s money making scheme. You can find me here.