Camera thoughts

I’ve been thinking for a bit about cameras and lenses again. I haven’t been shooting much in the last year, but a lot has been going on that has occupied my time.

A couple months ago, I reached the point where Leica gear is just too expensive, and a digital M is just not something I’m going to buy. Yes, I’m happy with my lenses, but several of my favorites don’t work well on the digital Ms, with the exception of the Monochrom. And as much as I love the Monochrom, it’s too expensive for old tech.

So the Sony Alpha system is looking pretty dang nice. Decent 28mm lens? Yes. Relatively compact bodies? Yes. Some nice Zeiss options? Yes. If only they had a manual focus 28mm I’d probably be sold. As it stands, I’m sure I could reach a 3 lens system that I rather liked between the Sony 28mm, a Loxia 50mm, and a Batis 85mm.

But all that adds up doesn’t it? And then Leica has to announce both a new M Monochrom (answers that old tech issue of the old Monochrom) and what is pretty much my dream lens, a 28mm Summilux. It even has good distortion figures.

Who knows what I’ll do. Well I do. I’ll most likely wait a good deal of time before I make a decision. But that 28mm is looking pretty awesome…