I’ll be honest, I got fed up with some of the coding I’ve done on this site. A lot of the content here on 125px exists as mostly unorganized PDF files thrown in a directory. While some of it is organized on the Tech Docs page, there are many more megabytes of files stored haphazardly.

To facilitate finding potentially useful documents, I was using swish-e to index the content and made it available through the nice little AJAX form in the top right of the site. I would have loved to outsource this indexing to Google, but they just won’t index all of the files consistently.

Something with swish-e finally broke and it now makes corrupt databases. Way back in the day I had tried out Xapian for indexing, but found it to be a bit more fiddly in terms of making it look nice. I wasted a few hours today and finally threw in the towel.

From here on out, the search box in the top right goes to Google. A decent amount of the content is indexed; most of the html pages at least. If you want to search the pdf content, go to the Archives or the Tech Docs pages. There you will find another search form which takes you to the ugly but functional default Xapian/Omega search results.