Framing tools & miscellany

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the site. Not much to say. The Ricoh GR is still a great camera. I finally sprung for Photoshop CC and I have to admit it’s a nice upgrade from CS 4. I’ve been scanning a lot of slides from my childhood which is grueling work. I also haven’t had a lot of time for proper photography, though I have shot a handful of rolls over the past couple months. I just need to find some time to develop and scan them.

Oh yes, framing. We finally got around to framing all of the art we have laying around. I like to go the Nielsen metal frame route, ordered from Frame Destination. All I have to say is that after framing quite a lot of pictures, some in pretty large frames, you should invest in two tools.

  1. Anti static brush. This is probably more useful if you are using acrylic glazing. Holy crap was it frustrating. Every time I felt the glazing was dust free before sealing it up, I’d notice yet another spot or fiber. And once that acrylic gets charged up, it’s a dust magnet.

  2. Fletcher SpringMate. It’s a tool that helps you remove those little metal spring clips that get installed in the back of the frame. I didn’t find it as useful in installing them, though it does work for that. However, for removal, it was a real time saver. Frame Destination ships their frames assembled, so you have to take the clips out before you put your pictures in.