It has been mentioned that video is the future of photography. One only has too look at the rise of YouTube and the death of newspapers to see this. We want video. We want moving pictures. At the very least we want still cameras that shoot 10 frames per second.

One thing that video will never trump still photography on is capturing the essence of something, in one slice of time, in a manner that is immediately evident to any onlooker. Sure, video can capture the essence of many situations in ways that photography can’t. It can capture the motion and movement and the progression of events. But to absorb that essence requires one to sit down and watch. It requires effort on the part of the viewer. Photography can relate all you need to know in a single glance, even if the viewer has no intention of actually studying the photograph.

This photo does that for me. It might not have meaning to those who don’t know Max, the dog pictured. But to see this picture is to know this dog.